ATL 15

As the site on the Antwerpsesteenweg in Rumst became inadequate for the growing needs of Atlas Copco Rental Europe the search for new premises was on.  A new beautiful site was found in Boom, called industrial area Krekelenberg.  This site would not only house the operational part, but also Atlas Copco Rental Europe headquarters.  From the very beginning with the design Atlas Copco made the radical choice not to go for a 'safe' generic building but for a very elaborate and specific built to suit : not to only suit the process and it's needs, but especially to suit the people working in and around the building themselves.   This choice turned the building in the very effici├źnt machine it has become, in which people can work in optimal and very pleasant environment.  The office layout has been based on the known concepts of activity base working, with a central 'plaza' and surrounding 'home zones'.