At the request of Blommaert Aluminium Constructions and investment group Buysse en Partners, we assessed how the available surface area could be maximally used to facilitate the expansion of Blommaert Aluminum Constructions in the long term. The company is located in Wijnegem on the Albert Canal, between the well-known sites of Frisomat on the one hand and the site Axel Vervoordt on the other. In order to be able to realize the desired expansion, the land and building of neighboring De Backere is acquired. New premises, parking, outdoor storage and office space are to be realized on the vacated space. Once again some creative stacking is required to do so: the outdoor storage is foreseen on the roof of the company building & the roof of the parking building. The tower crane with which ships are loaded is simply placed on top of the office building. The office building itself is limited in horizontal surface but contains multiple stories.  Both the new and the old building parts are bundled into a sturdy structure that brings them together and refers to the industrial character of the site itself and its surroundings.

the interior was designed by Justine Kegels.