Circular and sustainable construction

For the happiness of current and future generations, we are going to work in a circular way, build differently. 

Mortelmans van tricht architecten commits itself to contribute to this goal. In a recently reformulated mission, the office decided to make its concepts, designs, processes, choice of materials and techniques, but also partners (help become) more sustainable. 

However, the office avoids using the terms sustainability and circularity in a too popular or easy way. Every material, technique or design is critically examined before it is used. This form of self-reflection belongs to the core of mortelmans van tricht architects.

A brand new tool to carry out part of this mission is Madaster - the land register for materials - that is being rolled out in Belgium this autumn as a pilot project. As strategic partner 'Madaster Max', Mortelmans van tricht architects is co-responsible for the introduction of Madaster in Belgium. This way we are ambassadors for a correct and sustainable use of materials.