On behalf of BVI.BE, the former site of Federal Mogul is being developed into business park Gate7. A healthy mix of different business types was sought in which gives place to SMEs, offices and laboratories. Five building volumes are built according to the same principle, with four office and laboratory buildings attached to a series of SME units. The facades of the offices and laboratories are almost completely glazed, which creates very open and light plateaus.

Overhanging floor plates provide a horizontal accent and white perforated floor-high surfaces provide rhythm in the fa├žade both during the day and at night. For the cars, both a roof parking and an underground car park are provided. For the cyclists, bicycle parking facilities have been installed throughout the project. An entrance square with green buffer and water feature, the trees in the SME streets, a flower meadow and the some small ponds  ensure a green and pleasant environment. With each SME unit, a separate heat pump is used for heating instead of a traditional gas burner. Naturally, rainwater is completely buffered locally, can infiltrate locally and every company has a rainwater recuperation facility. Electricity comes as much as possible from solar energy.